WHEN THE *)%@### HITS THE FAN This great country of ours has been thru many good times and bad times since it's inception. The resilence of our economy and the determination of the American people have always prevaled. But What If ? ??..That's right, "What If" the worse happens, and our economy spirals into depression or worse. It's happened before, and it can happen again. This time our staggering national debt will further aggrivate any economic termoil. Of cource, we can all just bury our heads in the sand and go about business as usual, but would'nt it be better to be prepared. I've long said that it is prudent to have 15-20 % of your portflio in U.S. rare coins, gold, silver, and base metals. Do you really think if the "SHTF", that your bank account, stock certificates, social security check, C.D.'s and even U.S. dollar bills wil be worth anything more than the paper they are written on ? If the grocery stores and banks have a run against them and are forced to close, how will you buy food to feed your family. You can begin purchasing and storing these "hard assets", right now. There is a tremendous movement towards buying and holding physical assets, as opposed to electronic "wealth". Please visit my web site and the links to my E Bay and Amazon stores. There you will find a vast inventory of Rare coins, Gold, Silver, and exotic metals. I would be happy to work with you and recommend a customized list of assets to suit your needs.